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What is SingYourJoy?

SingYourJoy is a non-auditioned chorus for young adults from all walks of life,
joining our voices together in an exuberant expression of joy,
building friendships and growing community.

COVID-19 Update

We want you to know that YOUR health and safety are our primary concerns, helping us make our 10th anniversary season a safe celebration for all.
This season has afforded us an opportunity to connect with you in small in-person choir pods and also through various online learning choral experiences.

Do you have questions?
Contact our directors at

Ok, I’m in! … no need to read more, where do I SIGN UP?

Who can be involved?

ANYONE, age 16 to 29 who has a desire to sing and a commitment to rehearsals.

When and Where?

SingYourJoy Victoria meets twice weekly in-person and online.
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Do I need to read music?

No. Some singers read music and some start learning to read music when they join. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about music reading basics in a short period of time.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! – other than your commitment of time and enthusiasm. SingYourJoy is a welcoming place that aims to remove barriers to participation. Unlike most community choruses, there are no fees for singers.

What kind of music do you sing?

Songs written from 1940 to present day. Selections from Broadway musicals. Current and Classic Pop Music. Folk Songs. Rock n Roll Classics. Well written choral music that challenges and inspires our singers and audience. Music that speaks to the hearts and sensibilities of our singers.

How are you funded?

Great question: Follow this link to find out more.

Take me to your leaders!

The chorus was co-founded and is currently co-directed by Christine Chepyha and Gordon Miller.

What else?

While we enjoy performing for our enthusiastic audiences, the chorus believes deeply in creating community. We work together not only to sing well, but to contribute to the places where we live, work and play.

Tell me more:

In pre-COVID times this is what our year looked like. Much of this is still true, and our current program is evolving as we respond to updated information and regulations:

SingYourJoy seasons are scheduled on the academic calendar year of local post-secondary institutions.  For two 14 week sessions in the Fall (September – December) and Winter (January – April), singers meet weekly in the beautifully restored acoustic space of Oak Bay United Church (a heritage building in the heart of Oak Bay Village, corner of Mitchell and Granite Streets).  Recognizing that our members may be new to the city, starting new careers, entering a new field of study, or just determining ‘who’ they are, SingYourJoy provides an opportunity for new friendships to grow.

Each rehearsal ends with simple refreshments (the cookies and fruit are a big hit!) and a chance for singers to catch up with each other. During our time together, we also search out opportunities to work together as a community for others.

Sharing the songs we’ve learned with enthusiastic audiences is an important part of our singers experience. These group performances are satisfying, empowering and fun.

Since our inception, we have worked with over 250 young people, and many of our alumni are now based in different parts of BC, Canada, and overseas.  We trust that they take a little piece of us with them on their journeys.

Society:  The society was created in August 2012.  The Board of Directors includes singers, co-directors and enthusiastic supporters from Greater Victoria. The society provides direction in community service, oversees yearly budgets and seeks out like-minded groups and individuals to financially support the good works of the chorus.

SingYourJoy Young Adult Chorus Society is a CRA Registered Charity. BN: 849518931RR0001

If you would like to offer financial support, please Donate Now .

Mission:  SingYourJoy: a non-auditioned chorus for young adults from all walks of life, joining our voices together in an exuberant expression of joy, building friendships and growing community.

Our Origin Story: Check our history.

SingYourJoy is a member of the BC Choral Federation.