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Thank you for taking a moment to consider supporting SingYourJoy Young Adult Chorus in a meaningful and significant way.

As a non- auditioned community chorus, SingYourJoy contributes to the social capital of Greater Victoria, by connecting young adults 16 – 29 (a challenging age group to reach and engage) in a fun activity where they learn about being in community with each other, and by extension, become greater assets to the community in which they live.

In the course of creating a wonderful music experience for their audiences, they are learning many of the skills and mindsets that will help them have a stronger sense of self,  including how and where they can fit and contribute to the larger framework of their society.

How are we funded?

It is very important  that there be no barriers to participation and our singers do not pay to be part of the chorus. The cost of a singer being involved for a year is approximately $800 – this includes choral music purchases, weekly refreshments, and music directors fees.

We cannot exist without the help of many people and our heartfelt thanks goes out to:

Ted and Helen Hughes, our Honourary Patrons


Barb Wellington Foster
Robin and Paul Fraser
Sarah Lowen and Daniel Miller
Maja and Richard Sloan
Mary Sloan
Helen and Harvey Waddell

Our 2017/2018 Season Sponsor, Brian Ritchie of Top Shelf Bookkeeping Ltd.

Our growing list of faithful annual private donors.

Our audiences, those who return every season and those just discovering us.

Oak Bay United Church who generously gifts us with a warm and joy-filled rehearsal space each Monday evening and provides a community of supporters at our concerts.

Victoria Presbytery of the United Church of Canada who continues to offer financial support to the vision they helped start in 2011.

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The value we bring:

SingYourJoy offers young adults an opportunity to participate positively in the community, learning and experiencing citizenship and living in right relationship with each other. The chorus crosses social and cultural barriers and is a safe place for a range of challenges that this age group experiences; from isolation and depression and financial challenges, through finding their place in the community post-school, to underemployment and/or stress in their university and college studies.

We truly believe SingYourJoy is making a difference in the lives of these young people, building valuable social capital. We are hopeful we can find like-minded individuals and groups to assist us in continuing to provide the SingYourJoy experience to our singers with no financial barriers.

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How can you help?

1-  Concert Sponsorship

Creating a professional and effectively staged concert requires additional costs to the chorus, including venue rentals, lighting, staging, advertising, post-concert reception, and additional musician support. As a Concert Sponsor, you/your company or organization would be acknowledged during the concert, and within publicity and promotion, on our website. Your involvement reflects your organization’s commitment to the local community, its arts and culture, and young adults. $1000 per concert.

2-  Music Sponsorship

SingYourJoy performs published pieces and purchases sufficient copies for all singers, musicians and directors.  As our numbers grow and our repertoire increases, it is important to maintain our music library and enhance it to remain current, not only for our audiences but for our singers as well. $200 per musical selection

3- Patrons of the Chorus

SingYourJoy knows that our vision and values, and commitment to building social capital are in alignment with those of many prominent members of the Greater Victoria region. We invite you to meet with us to discuss how patronage of this valuable community can be enhanced by your financial support.

Gratefully, on behalf of:
The Singers, and our Board of Directors

Christine Chepyha and Gordon Miller
Co-Founders and Directors
SingYourJoy Young Adult Chorus
Christine 250-882-5668 Gordon 250-213-1948