SingYourJoy Summer Q&A

Why Performance?

Success is measured in so many ways and when a new singer has their first concert experience with SingYourJoy we can see success on their faces. YES! I did it! YES, I belong! YES, I am part of something bigger than myself! For some, it may be the first time ever hearing applause that was meant for them — celebrating their achievement. Performance is not about perfection. Performance is about sharing what you’ve accomplished. The pride in these achievements lasts a lifetime and can never be taken away.

Why No Fees?

Like water and air, we believe singing is a birthright to be practiced by everyone. Our financial supporters believe it too! So much so that when we founded SingYourJoy Young Adult Chorus as a ‘barrier free’ organization, we made sure there were no fees required. Access to the arts is vital to the human experience and when everyone can participate, everyone benefits – building our social capital.

Why this age group?

In the midst of post secondary studies, relationship challenges, diminishing employment opportunities and working on the ‘who am I’ in this uncertain world, young adults (age 16 to 29) are seeking community and connection. The activity of singing together is primal — instantly providing a safe nurturing space for these wonderful creative humans to grow and thrive.

Why non-auditioned?

Singing together is for everyone. At SingYourJoy you are welcomed as you are. You – the person – are the gift. Your voice, at whatever stage of development, is encouraged and nurtured to help you discover your full potential as part of the chorus.