SYJ Covid Protocols


NB: all of our plans and protocols are subject to change as up-to-date information and advice is available from the Public Health Officer.

SingYourJoy rehearsals falls into the category of ‘Indoor Organized Group Recreational Class.’ We will be following these specific safety protocols this season – not simply to be in compliance – but because we care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our singers when we rehearse in-person. 

The Space: 

1- Both rehearsal venues are modern buildings with up-to-date HVAC systems for adequate air circulation/cleaning

2- Hand sanitizers will be provided for use entering and exiting the building

3- No on-site food consumption

4- Safe distancing protocols will be in effect when entering and exiting the space

The Participants (singers and directors and volunteers)

1- All in-person singers and directors must have received at least two vaccinations for Covid-19 and be two weeks past their last dose.

2- SingYourJoy has purchased Canadian made Medical Grade ASTM Level 3 masks (with a 3D style of construction specially designed for singers that is excellent for deeper breathing and airflow). All singers participating in our in-person rehearsals will be required to mask at all times in our rehearsal spaces. 

3- We ask that singers bring their own personal water supply 

4- Singers will be physically distanced