Sunday December 1st

A technical rehearsal for our concert.

Location: St. Aidan’s United Church (3703 St. Aidan’s Street)Map Link and come through the glass doors nearest the office (accessible from the parking lot).

Time: small group soloists 6:30pm. Entire choir, ready to sing 7pm.

Dress: casual like a usual Monday night.

Monday December 2nd

Our LAST rehearsal of this season.
This is when we fix things, polish stuff, feel good about our songs, and enjoy the process.

Time: singing ON STAGE at 7pm

Location: Oak Bay United Church (the usual place)

Dress: casual like a usual Monday night.

Thursday December 5th

Christmas Lights Across Canada performance at the Legislature

ARRIVE no later than 5:45pm

Dress: Christmas sweaters, Christmas colours – anything that says seasonal and happy. YOU WILL BE SINGING OUTDOORS, so make sure you are dressed for that bit.  We are also singing inside in the rotunda (which is where your Christmas attire will be truly visible).

Friday December 6th


Location: St. Aidan’s United Church (3703 St. Aidan’s Street)

Time: 5pm on stage ready for photos and our last warm-up. (the building will be open for us from 4pm on, so come early if you need to).

Dress: Concert Attire (see below)

Bring: any unsold tickets or ticket money; your binder (which we will exchange for your deposit AFTER the concert); your friends and family and fans.

Dress Code

  • All Black, from neck to floor. (that includes socks/shoes/tights/pants/skirts/shirts/dresses/tops/bottoms)
  • A splash of colour around your neck (from a tie, a scarf, a shawl, or some combination of that).
  • IF you don’t have the colour, don’t worry – people have extras to share for concert night.