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James Bay Children’s Chorus

James Bay Children’s Chorus was formed in September 2017 with a goal to provide a non-auditioned, affordable community choir (now known as ‘Inspire’) for children aged 6-12. Through weekly rehearsals and several performance opportunities during the year, these children learn musical skills and life-skills. They learn to cooperate as a group, encouraging and motivating each other to reach their potential. We learn proper vocal technique, some music reading skills, solfege, and performance and listening skills. Learning tools include music games and activities, age-appropriate songs, and percussion instruments.

In January 2020 we formed Emerge Youth Chorus, a small group of the older chorus singers aged 11-16, who met for an extra half hour each week.  They continue to meet for an extra half hour on Zoom following the regular online rehearsals. We work on more challenging music, which requires learning some valuable rhythm skills, note-reading, and score reading. This group has grown to include 9 of the JBCC singers.