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Co-Directors & Co-Founders:

Christine Chepyha and Gordon Miller

cycChristine started her musical career at a young age, studying piano, mandolin and bandura (a Ukrainian harp with a unique sound and history) and choral accompaniment, all in Edmonton. When not engaged as a busy meetings professional, she served as accompanist for the Ukrainian Male Chorus of Edmonton, various youth choirs, assorted vocalists and instrumentalists, and performed as a core and touring musician for the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers and the Cheremosh Dance Ensemble. Christine teaches and performs music in Victoria, working with various singers and ensembles. Currently Christine is the Communications Chair on the Board of the BC Choral Federation and was honoured in 2017 with the Willan Award for outstanding service to BC’s Choral Community. She has an ongoing passion for working, as co-founder and co-music director, with the members of the SingYourJoy Young Adult Chorus.


Gordon – also a lifelong musician, singer, songwriter – received his formal training with the Canadian Armed Forces School of Music in Victoria. As a trumpet player and pianist for the PPCLI Band in Calgary, he travelled across Canada and on tours of duty in Europe, bringing the joy of music to all ages. As a vocalist Gordon has studied with the Victoria Conservatory of Music and continues his vocal training privately. In 2014, he completed the BC Choral Federation Level Two course in Choral Directorship. His love of pop, rock, folk, r&b and jazz leaves Gordon uniquely qualified to help lead SingYourJoy, as the young adult singers find real satisfaction in the authentic delivery of their eclectic repertoire.